Thursday, December 07, 2006

bollywood, what a hoot!

Even if I had not read the reviews, as soon as I saw Hrithik Roshan land oh-so-accurately on top of the moving train, I would have guessed the tone of the movie. Modern day Fantasy! Hrithik did good though, especially when he was dressed as the old guy. AB Jr, comes flying from underwater, don't ask how he managed to keep the scooter underwater for that long, or even how he was breathin under water. I like him, but he needs some serious toning, at least to correct his posture. His dances would look better, if only he had a better posture. Uday Chopra, was too cheesy, to say the least. And enough said! The second Bips looks good, awesome toning, and that is the extent of her role. Aish, thinner and still beautiful, falls flat on her face in that first confrontation with A. She can't talk sultry, wrong role. All in all, it felt like a well packaged vignette of what Bollywood was and has become. Movie is a hoot, keep your thinking cells at home and just enjoy the visuals!

The trailers were interesting. Babul, a regular mush masala, Kabul express sounds good with 2 of my favorites (Arshad 'circuit' warsi and John Abraham) acting in it and Salaam-e-ishq promises to be exciting, except for the Shirtless Khan factor. Bhagam baag, Priyadarshan with another of his remakes, this time with Govinda featuring with the other regulars, promises to be a fun watch. Can't remember the original mallu movie, though!

Came across this article about suave Clooney wanting to dance around the tress lip-syncing to Hindi lyrics. I think I will like that! Now imagine Garfield with his big grin waiting for his pizza!