Monday, April 30, 2007

Funny Woman

I rarely watch Anbudan on suntv. Yesterday was one such time and I thoroughly enjoyed Urvashi's banter. She is such a fun and lively person. It felt like I was with my friends.

I remember seeing her at the airport on one of my trips, she had lost a lot of weight then. I now wish I had gone up to her and started a conversation. It would have been really interesting, not because she is an actress, but because she is such an animated talker.

People like her make watching interviews very interesting.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

no.1 no.1

Sunday, a rare vetti afternoon, I was watching the inthiya thollaikatchiyil 13456avathu muraiyaga movie. My little one was watching parts of it with me. She loves the ads. She has always loved them - I remember a 4 month old stop nursing to turn towards the metti oli title song.

So she is watching the dinakaran no.1 no.1 ad. It ends with a question to her (i.e, the viewers), ...thamizhil dinakaran no.1, appo neenga? She promptly says no. 4. It took me a second to realize why. She meant her age.

Friday, April 13, 2007


After Gilli, I enjoyed watching Vijay in Pokkiri. A good masala entertainer. Now what I hear is Shirtless Sallu is planning to do it in Hindi. Last week, I was thinking that Abi Jr or Saif Ali would suit that role. Man, what a waste!