Monday, April 25, 2005

To err... is divine

I don't think I want to be right all the time. Sometimes it is okay to be wrong. If I was right all the time, I would be running in circles. Will never get anywhere that way. Mistakes help us learn better. If we are wise, we make mistakes, or rather, we acknowledge our mistakes. If we are smart, we don't repeat mistakes. :-D

Looking back, I think I remember my mis-steps more than my right ones. A reminder to not repeat them. It does help. It is easier to predict consequences of a wrong move, or rather easier to predict if we are making a wrong move. Which is very important. to know that we are making a mistake. If we have not made one before, how would we recognize it?

After all, to err is human. And we should learn to forgive ourselves. But not forget. Experience, they say, is the best teacher. Just because someone advises us that we are making a wrong move does not stop us. We have to make it and then realize our error and try to backtrack. We should try not to repeat ourselves, when it comes to erring. And that brings me to another cliche, once bitten twice shy.

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