Thursday, April 28, 2005

cinema payithiyam

One of the characteristics of a chennaite is this slight obsession about movies. Another one, able to talk in different dialects. Aathula naan ipdi pesuven, silaper kitta saatharanama pesuven, narya pernga aanda imma kanka ethu vidven, ah han.

If you meet another chennaivasi, you are assured of at least one common topic for conversation. :-) Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

Cinema pathi pesa aaramicha pesi kittey irukalaam. blogum pannalam. naanum panirukken ingey

Madrasla vellila ponumna, athu usuala cinema thaan. collegukku cut adichu naanga ponathum anga thaan.

other things have taken priority nowadays and we don't get to see as many as we used to. But we still try to keep up. My last one, though was M.Kumaran... It is high time I caught up.

But I do keep up with the latest news from kodambakkam. Although, is it anywhere near kodambakkam now?

My favorite sites include, bb reviews, vikatan and kumudam before those sites started acting crazy,

seri seri, vetti pechu apparam vechukalaam.


thennavan said...

Minimma, un blogai naan Ram sitele salpettaa paarthukunen. Ayya, US lennu pottukunnu innaa idamnu sollaama vuttupottiye. Enakku Indibloggers le elutha evlo vasamaa irundirukkum. Sari mudinjaa annaanda vandu oru comment koduththuttu po, enna, vartta?


Sorry, I just got carried away by your post about how we Chennaivasis break into different modes of speech depending on the person we meet. Naan saadaaranamaa chamaththu paiyan aaththule so "namma Madras baasai ellaam annan Cho, Chandrababu, Loose Mohan naale vanda inspiration thaan". Godspeed!

Ram.C said...

கலக்கிட்டீங்க முனிம்மா, கலக்கிட்டீங்க.....நானும் சினிமா பைத்தியம் தான்...did you observe that in my blog?

Munimma said...

ram.c, I wouldn't have guessed from your site ;-)

thennava, naina, apdika vanthupudren, solti le namma kaile

Adaengappa !! said...

Kalkite minimaa..un bulogu semma supre !!
Vaa Munimaa Vaa..en blog pakkam Vaa..
Naan NY pakkam..neenga ??

I appreciate your Tamil Kavithaikal..How about blogging them in TAMIL using Unicode fonts??
Goodluck !!

Munimma said...

adengakaps, naanga NY thooram :-)
oru cookgraamam.
tamizh ezutha fluency illai, unfortunately. someday maybe :-D