Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life specks

Some time back I was talking to an expectant father and another mother. The mother wanted to go thru childbirth without medications. If her mother and grandmother went through it, so could she. Smacked of Amish mentality to me. When you can have it easy, why would you want to do that! A lot of us are scared of childbirth and some more are scared of medications. I was worried about the epidural causing pain or further complications, but decided that there was no way I wanted to go through it the unmedicated way. That is of course my opinion.

It is awful how these people are waiting to see Mills' leg fly!

Planning a trip is sometimes more enjoyable than the actual trip.

It is hard to believe that something that is so beautiful could be harmful too. Spring is here with pretty cherry blossoms, bradford pears and the rest of the colorful panorama. And so is the bout of allergies!

Warning: never approach a young kid practising her golf swing. And keep the other kids a few miles away!

Godavari was a great movie, albeit with subtitles! Manasa vacha is my current favorite song.

Caught a few episodes of kaapi with Anu. She is a good host and I loved the Maddy episode.

Got to wait until end of April for my next dose of Heroes. I was getting addicted. But who has heard of a tamil named Mohinder?

Monday, March 12, 2007


Reading Witchu's post reminded me of something that happened in my childhood. I had just started my 4th std, probably around 8 years or so. I had to travel by Pallavan to school and we had only one bus that took me to school on time. The next bus was at least 30 minutes later and I would be seriously late if I took that one.

The walk from home to the bus stop was around 10 -15 minutes. On that day, I had almost reached the stop when the bus started pulling out. I ran towards it, tears in my eyes, but it gathered speed. One of the footboard guys (collegiate), took pity on me, got down and gathered me and carried me to the bus and deposited me in to the departing vehicle. It was a small gesture and he probably has forgotten about it, but I was very grateful to him. How many of us would think of doing the same?

If not for that gesture, I would have equated Pallavan to pawing men!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Uncanny and "unfunny"

Ever been hit by a wayward stone while driving on the interstate? While driving to work yesterday morning, a stone pellet from nowhere hit the front windshield and drilled a tiny whole. Nothing special about that. What is uncanny is that, a few years back, it happened to me the same way. Same spot on the windshield, same location on the interstate and a similar hole drilled in my windshield. It was a good thing that stone was small. But then, if it were any bigger, it wouldn't have flown out at me. Wonder what poltergeist resides in that vicinity!

Today's gym workout ended with a big bang. Literally. Well, at least a big thud. I am sure I will laugh when I think about it in a few days time, but right now, my tail bone has been highly traumatized. I have been doing the fit ball abs for quite sometime now and I don't put much thought into it. My earphone came loose and while plugging it back, the ball slipped from under me. I am not even sure what happened. One minute I was on top, the next I am on the floor, blanked out for a couple of seconds. patta edathuliye padumnu sonnathu seriya pochu. The current count is 5.

Not so funny right now, although my friend laughed in my face when I told her. I will excuse her, since she always looks at the bright side of things.