Friday, March 09, 2007

Uncanny and "unfunny"

Ever been hit by a wayward stone while driving on the interstate? While driving to work yesterday morning, a stone pellet from nowhere hit the front windshield and drilled a tiny whole. Nothing special about that. What is uncanny is that, a few years back, it happened to me the same way. Same spot on the windshield, same location on the interstate and a similar hole drilled in my windshield. It was a good thing that stone was small. But then, if it were any bigger, it wouldn't have flown out at me. Wonder what poltergeist resides in that vicinity!

Today's gym workout ended with a big bang. Literally. Well, at least a big thud. I am sure I will laugh when I think about it in a few days time, but right now, my tail bone has been highly traumatized. I have been doing the fit ball abs for quite sometime now and I don't put much thought into it. My earphone came loose and while plugging it back, the ball slipped from under me. I am not even sure what happened. One minute I was on top, the next I am on the floor, blanked out for a couple of seconds. patta edathuliye padumnu sonnathu seriya pochu. The current count is 5.

Not so funny right now, although my friend laughed in my face when I told her. I will excuse her, since she always looks at the bright side of things.


rads said...

oops! I know it must look funny, but it can get be a bit embarrassing depending on how many are people-watching rather than working out and the area can smart a few days!
If it's any consolation, I did have a similar flying landing once...

Munimma said...

only 2 noticed it, at least according to me :-)

Uppili said...

Is there any tape available ? Well.. may be I will wait for a couple of days for some SMS video clip to show up online...:P

(Really...u guys call that rubbing the ball on the wall an exercise. I saw an 85 yr old woman doing that the otehr day and I shook my head...But a 30+ woman falling has got to be cute tho'...)

What are the chances of a stone breaking my windshield on the same day at the same time? Except it cost me $140 to change. 2 weeks back windshied was broken in another car due to a minor scientific error.