Thursday, February 15, 2007

Baa Baa brown sheep

Back in grad school, I used to ride my bicycle to school most days, and my husband (then fiance)would pick me up somedays. That day was our international festival. I parked my bike, chained and locked it and went and had my share of the fun. Came out later in the evening, hunted for my bicycle and couldn't find it. We searched everywhere and finally concluded that it had been stolen. My husband went to the university police station to file a complaint.

Towards lunch time, a few circuits connected and the bulb flashed in my head. I told my husband where I had actually left the bike. Sure enough, there it was, untouched and lonely. So he trudged up to the coppers to get the complaint back. Back to me sitting with the sheepish grin! A definite start to the duh moments of my life!

History definitely repeats itself! During my trip to India, my mother in law gave me some important documents and also an important letter to be mailed to her friend's daughter. The trip passed in a flurry of activities. I got back home, woke up (very) early the next morning and unpacked all my bags. Searched for the documents and couldn't find it. My husband also searched all the bags, couldn't find it and sent them up to the attic. For the next 2 weeks, I had to listen to mother and son fret over my forgetfulness. I called up my mom to search for the documents at home. She turned the whole house upside down and reported that she couldn't locate them.

2 weeks later after the jet lag fluff had cleared up from my brain, I went up to the attic and opened the bag's suit compartment. This is the compartment that is kind of the upper berth in the bag, but below the side panels. Both of us had failed to search that. There they were, exactly where I had put it, to make sure I didn't forget them and also to keep them from getting smushed up.

Duh moments continue!


Uppili said...

There is yet another possible reason. I am sure you must have been told of that already. So, I dont want to rub it in...;)

BTW, I am the guy whom you used to know...

Munimma said...

that reason might apply to you ;-)

rads said...

munimma, uppili beat me to what I wanted to hint at - so let me sidetrack

so yours is a lovely mushy story eh? ;-) Cool!

Me too said...

'Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti batein hoti rehti hai'!!

Vikram H said...

haha...i too classify under the "absent minded professor" category! :D

c'est la vie said...

I might be too sadistic in saying this, but I am glad to know that there is one more person like me on this planet!

Mental notes, post it notes, all kinds of reminders dont work! so I gave up! I still continue to lose things!
I thought I lost my BE marksheet and almost filed a police complaint in chennai, an ad in Hindu and arrangements at Madurai Kamaraj Univ to get another one! then I found it after 2 months among the pile of other documents nicely placed in an envelope that I remembered to keep it safely at my sister's basement. By then I had gotten all the archanais from parents, sisters and friends!!!

Anil P said...

Oh, the joy of finding money you thought you had lost makes all the fretting worthwhile, kindling smiles in 'alone' moments spent searching for something lost, without knowing exactly what.