Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mike Man of the 80s

Anyone who lived through the glorious 80s tamil filmdom cannot forget the face that launched a lot of Ilaiyaraja's golden gems. He caused quite a craze among the teenagers and youth of that decade. And when you remember him, you visualize him with a mike. Such was his fame as a reel singer. Now there is news that he is back.

He was the quintessential singer, who would cough blood (or by any other means) and die at the end of the movie. His broken tooth (supposedly) added to his charm. S, my best friend during that time, was totally crazy about him. She would watch the movies very early on as her dad worked in the film world. The following Monday, we would be subject to the story recitation filled with her own brand of sarcasm. And during that period I never missed watching movies. Yes, during that time I hardly saw movies at the theater. Only dear DD. Anyways, she had this total crush on Mike Mohan and some of it rubbed off on us. She would describe the scenes, costumes, etc and for us, it was like watching the movie. I loved watching oliyum oliyum when his songs came up. And I can't think of him without thinking of her. She taught me a lot about humor.

I have lost touch with this dear friend and would really love to get back in touch with her. I think she is related to Suresh Krishna (SIL). If anyone knows her, please drop a note here.

I am not sure if he can capture the audience as he did decades ago, but he is going to try. Lucky us :-)

PS: Anyone know which sun tv serials he was involved in?