Monday, April 25, 2005

As the fingers tap...

There are days and there are days. Days when thoughts come at you from all directions. The juices flow. Some days nothing works, the shields come up on all sides. Whoa, let me out of here, I beg, I plead, I suffer. Nothing. Zip. So I just wait it out. The tides will change. As they are wont to.

Then there are those days, I can perceive the waxing and I start to churn them. Words, thoughts, ideas float around me, drowning me. I pick a few from here and there, like I used to pluck flowers from the shrubs back home. Some I take, others I discard. Words that blend a certain way, bringing out a unique tune, which is my own. My very own.

And then, silence. Limbo. Everything vanishes. I grope like a blind person left in unfamiliar surroundings. I reach for those elusive thoughts. But they slip from my clutches. They play a game of hide and seek. And I can't seem to win. I flounder. Waiting. Soon. And I go back trying to rearrange my collection, hoping for more inspiration, a turning of the tides. It will happen. If not today, then tomorrow. And I am willing to wait. However long it may take. And with me waits those half melodies. Yes melodies. They sing to me. Someday the doors will open wide and let in the sunshine, and I will dust those cobwebs.

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