Friday, April 29, 2005

kenny spreading wings

Vikram's national award is taking him places. Literally. Yahoo!movies says he is going to do a Hindi movie with Big B. That is something for sure. So far only actresses have been able to make a stand in the north, that too, only after giving up the south screen. Let's hope Cheeyan leaves his feet well planted in Kodambakkam. Anniyan, nejamave anniyan ayidatheenga.

Talking about Anniyan, the songs are good mostly. Especially love the classical tunes. Iyengar veetu is good with the strong aradhanai flavor. Rest of the songs, beat is good, lyrics fit today's trend :-)

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Ram.C said...

None of the tamil heroees succeeded in hindi earlier. Eventhough, Kamal & Rajini had acted in more no.of movies, they hvn't left their impression there. Only Vaijayanthimala & Sridevi succeeded as heroines. (none of other heroines succeeded, to my memory eventhough several entered the field like Radha, Radhika....)

Recently Ajith acted in 'Samrat Ashoka' and couldn't succeed.

Let Kenny (vikram) be beware of these facts. (Eventhough he succeeded against odds in Tamil industry, after struggling for nearly 10 years)