Friday, April 29, 2005

Fawlty Towers

Needless to say, I am a huuuuge fan of F.T. and Cleese in particular. If you haven't seen this series, then you have missed out on some serious laughs in your life. I have the book and the dvd boxed set that I gifted to my husband for his big bday. I confess, I was not completely altruistic :-)

My most favorite one is Communication Problems, with the deaf lady, Mrs. Richards. There is a review/synopsis here.

Read on the same site, that Mr. Fawlty was based on a real life hotel owner, one Mr. Donald Sinclair who apparently gave the Pythons a hard time. The actual hotel Gleneagles was recently in the news.

The BBC site has some clips here

Talking about Cleese, he was also in one of my favorite movies of all times, A Fish Called Wanda. Kevin Kline was oh so good as the suspicious boyfriend.

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