Monday, May 02, 2005

Chennai, more options

Delta is planning to start direct flights to Chennai from May 11, from JFK and Paris. That is going to be so convenient to a lot of us whose only option was lufthansa. This is great news indeed. Hopefully others will follow with our open air policy.

Private Indian airlines have been announcing flights to the US, but only to the 2 major cities. I think, adding Atlanta and Houston may be a good idea.

Anyways, looking forward to more choices and better pricing.


thennavan said...

That is music to my years. I wrote a post (and later deleted it) about the shabby treatment meted out to my parents less than a week back at BA when they went from here (DC) back to Chennai. And I was thinking what other option do I have other than Lufthansa. Delta is now that option and I'll see what connections they offer to DC from Chennai. Thanks for the info.

Munimma said...

I read that too. Hopefully this is just the start

Kaps said...

First time here. Emirates also flies to NY....Chennai - DXB - New York. Service should be on par with / better than Lufthansa & BA.

Munimma said...

Kaps, thanks for visiting. Yes, Emirates does, but I guess it has an extra stop?
Talking about stops, I happened to take this Chennai-Calicut IA flight, the only one available that day. It was worse than going on a passenger train. It stopped at Trichy, Coimbatore and Calicut before flying on to 2 other destinations in the Gulf!