Monday, May 16, 2005

my fave romantic songs

I am home sick, blasted allergies having taken over. I am trying some musical medicine, listening to some of my favorite songs. Here are some that I really like.

1. anbale thediya en arivu selvam thangam
Don't know why, this moves me a lot. C.S. Jayaraman and, can you believe it, Janaki hums along.

2. Kodi asainthathum.
interesting lyrics. kind of like the chicken-egg controversry :-) Typical Kannadasan, if I may take the liberty to say typical and Kannadasan in the same sentence.

3. anthi mazhai
A classic. What is not to like about this song? visual and audial pleasure. I can never get bored of this song. SPB and Janaki with Ilayaraja. My favorite combo. TVGopalakrishnan does the classical interlude here. Vairamuthu of course shows early signs of his usual similes that sound good. indiran thottatu mundiriye, manmatha naatukku manthiriye. But still, enjoyable lyrics. Apparently, he was inspired by nandhik kalambagam. I don't know enough to ponder on this.

4. Inji iduppazhagi
Janaki is awesome here. And so is Kamal.

5. Sundari neeyum
Another of Kamal's gems. love the palakkad flavor here.

6. Inbam pongum vennila
PBS and PS. PBS is well suited to romantic numbers.

7. kaniya kaniya

8.masila nilave
not withstanding the rotund nasal diva Bhanumathi, a good song indeed. 3 raagas (maand, sankarabaranam,punnagavarali) mixed into 1 song.

9. unnai kaanaatha kannum
I have always loved these lyrics. beautifully rendered.

10. mella pesungal
LR.Easwari is flamboyant, TMS matching quite well.

11. naan kavignanum illai
lyrics are kannadasan of course. TMS. There is a bit of self-pity here, but still a good song.

12. naan pesa ninaipathellam
bit melancholic.

13. aayiram nilave vaa

14. pachai nirame
loved the visualization of this song.

15. pani illatha

16. poonkathave
one of the best from ilayaraja-vairamuthu duo. of course, vairamuthu with his bombastic sounding words does it here too.

17. enthan nenjil neengatha
from kalaignan.

18.kathal oviyam
actually all the songs in this movie are awesome.

19. katre en vaasal
again, all songs in this movie (Rhythm) are awesome.

20. senthamizh then mozhiyaal
this song brings back memories of the college train trips. one of our favorites to fill up the time.

21. anjali anjali pushpanjali

22. kanaamoochi ennada
well, all the songs in this movie are awesome.

23. vennilave vennilave

24. paadu nilave

25. nee oru kaathal sangeetham

26. ennavale ennavale

27. naan thedum sevvanthi
I think Ilayaraja's voice was the magic of this song.

28. adi aathaadi

There are so many many more. I have not covered most of my fave Ilayaraja tunes. Some other day then.


thennavan said...

I know (when you say there are so many more) since my favorites run long too. Some of those you mentioned have played on my site for several weeks now (been changing them once every two to three days). One of the oldies which is very soft is "Kaatru veliyidai kannamma" - the whole audio-visual experience of that is a treat.

Ram.C said...

you should hv liked 'valayosai...' from 'sathya' as well. Lata's voice was too good in that.

I liked it particularly for Amala's natural acting

Munimma said...

yep both songs should have been included. Talking about Amala, even the one in vetri vizha is one of my faves.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

ellam pramadhamana paadalgal. Enakku No.7 theriyalai. Enna pattu adhu.? Enna padam?

Munimma said...

kaniya kaniya mazhalai pesum

Venkitu sir, Atlantala bayangarama brainwash ayiducha? itha maranthuteengale? :-)

Anonymous said...

Kaniya kani..
Kaniya Kaniya mazhalai pesum kanmani...uyaar kaadhal pongum geetham paadum ponmani..