Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The boy(?) who cried wolf

Remember Maruthanayagam? It started with a big bang with the Queen and all, but got boxed in by lack of funds. Time and again, there is talk of revival, and then, the same old story, back to the box. I wish he would do this and relieve all of us. It would be awesome indeed.

Again, at the kannada Sathi Leelavathi press meet, he talks of getting back to this. It is has been almost 10 years or more now. There were people predicting that the oscar was a sure thing for this movie.

Lazy did a blog on this sometime back. So much research went into this project. Let us hope it gets made.


thennavan said...

He said he wants USD 7M. That is a lot of money to risk for any one person. I think for this purpose alone he has to float some public company and people should believe him enough to buy say 10 shares of 100 rs. each and thus if he can get half a million shareholders, maybe if the film does well, then he can distribute the profits as dividends to everybody :-)

Ram.C said...

I doubt whether it will see the lights..slowly people are losing confidence on him and investment risk is there definitely...

he needs some overseas investments & true international audience to sell this film. Indian audience alone is not enough.

A Big International marketing arm is also required.

Twin-Gemini said...

I have heard that Royapettah Benefit Fund (RBF) went bankrupt because of this.