Thursday, May 12, 2005

Kannaadiyin marupakkam

I came across this superb article on Chennai by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers. Anyone who calls Chennai a home will identify with it.
It is like viewing from the other side of the mirror. And he definitely has a flair for writing. Good read and not just for the content.
Who knows, may be in a few more years, this would be the norm :-)

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JPR said...

Just came across this, and I'm happy you happened upon my article. I am a long way from Chennai now (upstate NY) but stay connected, especially through writing about Indian music. (A couple pieces have aired on NPR's All Things Considered this year--you can find links on my website, Yesterday we were driving home from the pumpkin patch blasting "Hamma Hamma" from Bombay...

Anyway, thought I'd say hello.