Friday, May 06, 2005

Trust your mama! She knows best.

Today's morning news had this interesting thing to say. Motherhood makes you smarter. Well, I sure do agree there are certain things that I am better at now ;-) Mediating fights, managing time, teaching new things, getting work done (this one is work in progress) and so on.

There have been times when I thought some of my brain cells got fried during labor. But I guess, they just got rewired. My view has shifted, priorities are different than they were a few years back. But on the whole, looking back, I can say I can handle things better now. May be because I am smarter now ;-)

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thennavan said...

Good way of celebrating Mothers Day :-)

Serththa Panaththai Sikkanamaa Selavu Panna Pakkuvamaa, Amma Kaiyiley Koduthuppodu Chinna Ponnu, Sontha Amma Kaiyiley Koduthuppodu Chinna Ponnu; Avanga Aarai Nooru Aakkuvaanga Chellakkannu, Avanga Aarai Nooru Aakkuvaanga Chellakkannu!