Monday, May 09, 2005


Another movie to remind you that you shouldn't go by another person's review. Or may be it was watching 2 of Zhang's movies almost back to back. After watching this, I felt the flying daggers one was better.
Certain things were good. Nameless (Jet Li) tells the king several versions of how he captured the assassins. I still don't know which was true. Well, I guess the last one, but I am not too sure ;-)
In some places the fight choreo was too corny, especially when they fight seeming to defy gravity. You can carry things only to a certain extent and get away with it. Ok, I admit this sounds funny coming from a tamil movies fan.
Needless to say, the photography is excellent as in all of Zhang's other movies. The clouds of autumn leaves, the water play in the first fight sequence, and everytime nature serves as the backdrop is visual poetry .
At the end of the movie, my husband and I were of the same opinion - weird :-)
If you really really like martial arts and also like artsy movies, then sure watch it. If not, better skip it.

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