Thursday, May 12, 2005


Looks like Bollywood is really reaching out to the global audience. Ash is bewitching folks out on the French Riviera along with Nandita Das. BTW, anyone agree that Nandita Das looks better in simple attire and not decked up heavily? Ash looks more confident and pretty, but I wish she had covered her back a wee bit better ;-)

While on Nandita Das, her movie Vishwa Thulasi has worn some awards. I remember reading an article about the movie's director Sumathy Ram in AV and feeling quite envious :-)

I bought this movie and still haven't had time to watch it. Will soon make time for it.

And then, there is news of Shekhar Kapoor back on Elizabeth with a sequel. Mira Nair too, has been in the news recently with a couple of films on the anvil- Gangsta MD and Namesake.

I have read Namesake and enjoyed the experience. Kind of looking forward to watching it on the big screen.

And Chadha, who disappointed many with her last film, is busy with a few. I dream of Jeannie, is the one I am looking forward to.

This coming year sure sounds promising for us fans

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Balaji said...

aish's back(and front) was atleast covered better than it was last yr at Cannes!