Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tamlish Song trends

vara vara, thamizh paata, athu ennantu ketkanum pola!

I have some gripes about Kannum Kannum nokia.
intha paatule erkanave orey confusion, english paatula tamizha illai tamil paatula englishannu theriyallai. intha azhagula irukura konja nanja thamizhaiyum kollaranga (or should it be KoLLaranga ;-P)

So, is it kollai kollum mafia or KoLLai KoLLum mafia? The difference here is Capital punishment :-)

Intha paatoda beat supera irukku. I especially like the part where they do o remo, remo... cool honey cool honey cool honey ithazhil kudippen cool honey.

English vaarthai poda koodathunnu sollalai. Arthamullathaantu paaka vendaama? What the heck does Apple laptop penney mean?
chumma rhyme pannaruthuntu words korthu pottakka paatu varaathu. I have to acknowledge one thing here. Rhyme lessons vennumna TR sir kitta kekkanum :-)

I am not expecting Kannadhasan to be reborn. I just wish we had more meaningful and clean lyrics more often than we have nonsensical confused rhymes. I guess I am glad that Autograph's song (ovvoru pookalume - lyricist P. Vijay) is being taught in Madurai Kamaraj Univ. May be there are future lyricists who might be influenced.


Balaji said...

lol very funny. my favorite anniyan song line is 'algebra ivan thegam'. what does that even mean?!

Munimma said...

oh yeah, I forgot to add that :-)

what is algebra - variables, unknowns, equations, expressions - can you find any connection? This is left as homework assignment ;-P

Kaps said...

Shankar has this fascination for catchy words and brands and that is evident in all his movies. Pa Vijay was specifically asked to keep this in mind while writing this song. Maybe id people like Dr. Ramadoss and Thirumavalavan step in, the directors might shift to pure tamil songs. The pronounciation style of some of the North Indian singers are horrible.

Pa Vijay said in some interview that he wrote Cappucino bcoz it is a coffee which is consumer by rich people!