Monday, May 09, 2005


There are loads of pix on Check them out here. Is it just me, or does Sada look totally washed out in the first few pics?

Meanwhile, there is so much buildup around Anniyan, everyone is looking forward to the release later this month. The people who brought CM to the US plan to bring Anniyan too. There is also talk of dubbing in Telegu and Hindi. The producers are not selling the distribution rights hoping to reap in the profits themselves. Well, let us hope, for their sake, that the film is not a dud.

But I guess there has been enough marketing hype that this movie should reap in the gold, at least the first few weeks. Not sure if that may be enough to compensate the nation's costliest film thus far.

I am looking forward to the picturization of my 2 favorite songs - sukumari and iyengaar veetu.


thennavan said...

Iyengar Veettu Azhage is good but the main attraction to it is the fast rendition of Jagadananda Karaka before it. A really good carnatic song that starts off even with not so great accompanying film music at least catches the attention immediately.

Ram.C said...

I am also keeping the fingers crossed, since I liked all of Shankar's movies for his screenplay and compact presentation, eventhough few scenes were dragging in 'mudhalvan' & 'kadhalan'

Expect to be one of the firsts to watch it here..

let us wait and see...

Munimma said...

kuduthu vechirukanum. inge dvd vantha thaan paaka mudiyum.