Friday, May 13, 2005

Anniyan Anticipation

My ride back home yesterday was filled with randakka randakkas as my girls have taken to that song quite well. So we went home and decided to watch the songs in Dhool. My older one wanted to see the whole movie and we ended up doing that.
I watched this earlier when it was released. This is one of my favorite Vikram movies. Come to think of it, I think I have liked all the movies I have seen of his, post Sethu. But this and Samy are among my favorites. Jo has also done some good acting here, not just flashing pretty outfits. I have been quite impressed with Shayaji Shinde after watching some of his hindi movies. So it was a good coupla hours altogether. My little toddler loved the vegetable song and was singing that all through the evening. Since it was not a movie for kids, we had to turn their attention elsewhere whenever the screen got violent. :-)
Vikram looked good in this movie. It is good to see heroes giving a lot of attention to body building. So (most of) the fights were believable. Not like Aishu's dad or husband ;-P
The songs are very enjoyable. I loved the way gundu ponnu had been picturized. Jo's saris in Aasai asai were very nice. I think this is one of few movies where I have been able to tolerate her mannerisms ;-)
I liked the comedy which blended quite well with the storyline. Vivek is probably among the minority breed who can make us laugh without resorting to vulgarity.

So now, I can hardly wait to see Vikram in his umpteen plus get ups. I guess I might have to find comfort in watching Saamy again.


Kaps said...

Dhool and Saamy are good commercial entertainers. Gundu Ponnu song has been inspired by Aqua's Barbie Girl song.....both the tune and the picturization.

Although Vivek delivers social messages thru his comedies, one can't generalize that his movies are devoid of vulgarity (Eg: M Kumaran and few other movies).

Munimma said...

I meant to say, re Vivek, most of the time :-)

Ram.C said...

You need to cross your fingers and wait... to see whether Anniyan will realy click.

Days are passing by and tension is mounting up.