Monday, May 09, 2005

Rajini's next movie?

Seems CM's collections have exceeded Padayappa's so far. So the Rajini wave is back in full swing. There is now speculation about his next. There is talk that the hindi movie Waqt being remade in Tamil with thalai in Amitabh's role and Jeyam Ravi donning the son's character. That would be interesting indeed! I am more curious to know who takes up Boman Irani's role. He was hilarious. Manivannan perhaps? Jayaram would be good in such a role too. Although I doubt he would even be considered here. Goundamani too, but I haven't seen him in ages. And who would do Rajpal Yadav's role of the dumb servant? Vadivelu - too loud, vivek - fits better in talkative roles, ramesh kanna - would be good, senthil - if paired with Gounds.

But this is just speculation, but if Rajini is smart, which he is, he should get one more hit movie out of all this heat.


Kaps said...

There is a rumour floating around that Jeyam Ravi is flirting with Rajini's second daughter and this might be the reason why Rajini is thinking of doing a movie with Editor Mohan (Jeyam's ravi's dad).
Dhanush Vs Jeyam Ravi??

Munimma said...

Yea, I read about that. At least Ravi is good looking ;-) and acts well too.