Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's day

Govinda sort of spoiled it for me, by saying everyday is a valentine's day for him in his own corny, cheesy style. But still, I won't say no to a bunch of beautiful red roses now and then.

Having being fed on romance, both in movies and books, it is a day for remembering the best romances I have come across.

Tamil movies:
Mouna Ragam: I have seen this movie umpteen times and still love it. Revathy in one of her best roles, as was Karthik, with his "Chandramouli". To me, the best that Manirathnam gave us.

RajaParvai: The romance of a blind man, although borrowed its climax from Dustin Hoffman's, was a beautiful movie.

Alaipayuthey: This was about the happily ever after part, and of course, there was Maddy.

Missiyamma: A nice and soft romantic tale.

Then nilavu: Great songs, that we enjoy even to this day.

English movies:
Pretty Woman, My girl, An affair to remember, French Kiss, Sleepless in Seattle, Ghost, When Harry met Sally, Roman Holiday

Gone with the wind: Scarlet O'Hara is a household name. That was probably the longest book I read at one go. What I liked best about her was her indefatigable attitude.

Pride and Prejudice: Elizabeth and Darcy's romance that still fascinates us after all these years. In fact, I love most of Jane Austen's books

Jane Eyre: This was a book in school and we got the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the book and it remains one of my faves.

Georgette Heyer: I can't really whittle down to one single favorite.

Then there are the regular authors I read, Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, Kay Hooper, Susan Elizabeth Phillips who can churn some good romance.

A day to curl up and read/watch a good romance.


Altoid said...

How about "When a man loves a woman"? or "Walk in the clouds"?

Enjoy your day of books and movies. Oh and for books right now I am re-reading Pearl Buck's "Hidden flower"-one of my all-time faves for romantic novels.

Munimma said...

The fact that I couldn't recollect those movies off the top of my head says something :-)

I don't think I have read anything of Buck's since reading her Good Earth. Will give it a try.

Gangadhar said...

Happy Valentines day..How was your V-day?
And glad to see you on moi blog..Welcome to DD..
Thanks for your wishes.

rads said...

sigh@mounaragam. Saw it recently *again* and stillll loved it.

I wonder how and where Mohan is...

Anonymous said...

i liked 'manfreya in the mourning' or some such that georgette heyer wrote (in her other pen name - victoria holt).

what about the scarlet pimpernal? that is my personal favourite classic right behind pride and prejudice.

- s.b.

Anonymous said...

ok, i guess i was wrong when i said that georgette heyer and victoria holt were the same person. everything else applies :-), though i guess i read less of heyer than of holt!

- s.b.