Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life specks

Some time back I was talking to an expectant father and another mother. The mother wanted to go thru childbirth without medications. If her mother and grandmother went through it, so could she. Smacked of Amish mentality to me. When you can have it easy, why would you want to do that! A lot of us are scared of childbirth and some more are scared of medications. I was worried about the epidural causing pain or further complications, but decided that there was no way I wanted to go through it the unmedicated way. That is of course my opinion.

It is awful how these people are waiting to see Mills' leg fly!

Planning a trip is sometimes more enjoyable than the actual trip.

It is hard to believe that something that is so beautiful could be harmful too. Spring is here with pretty cherry blossoms, bradford pears and the rest of the colorful panorama. And so is the bout of allergies!

Warning: never approach a young kid practising her golf swing. And keep the other kids a few miles away!

Godavari was a great movie, albeit with subtitles! Manasa vacha is my current favorite song.

Caught a few episodes of kaapi with Anu. She is a good host and I loved the Maddy episode.

Got to wait until end of April for my next dose of Heroes. I was getting addicted. But who has heard of a tamil named Mohinder?


Altoid said...

"Caught a few episodes of kaapi with Anu. She is a good host and I loved the Maddy episode."

Me too, her shows are much better, she asks some very good questions and her guests talk sense.

Spring brings showers too! But I love spring and fall- two seasons that usher in dramatically different severe seasons-summer and winter.

Me too said...

Alas we differ in something! I mean, about the epidural! Even today when someone boasts about having delivered without its assistance, I cringe!

Me too loved Godavari!

Munimma said...

me too, we differ? I cringe too :-)

Uppili said...

Delivering babies is a jijubi these days.... Look what you get in return... You can repeat your great "accomplishment" to the father till he becomes deaf...

But, having it easy takes away THAT weapon from the wife. This is called Bizzaro Machismo.

rads said...

hey, replying to ur comment on mine here - didn't know if i could publish it.
but that's awesome! Ive always had a feeling I'd bump into her, haven't seen her perform, but know folks who have :) You coming down?