Monday, March 12, 2007


Reading Witchu's post reminded me of something that happened in my childhood. I had just started my 4th std, probably around 8 years or so. I had to travel by Pallavan to school and we had only one bus that took me to school on time. The next bus was at least 30 minutes later and I would be seriously late if I took that one.

The walk from home to the bus stop was around 10 -15 minutes. On that day, I had almost reached the stop when the bus started pulling out. I ran towards it, tears in my eyes, but it gathered speed. One of the footboard guys (collegiate), took pity on me, got down and gathered me and carried me to the bus and deposited me in to the departing vehicle. It was a small gesture and he probably has forgotten about it, but I was very grateful to him. How many of us would think of doing the same?

If not for that gesture, I would have equated Pallavan to pawing men!


Me too said...

I remember many a times, a couple of us girls, would come running towards our route bus just departing and the footboard guys would part hanging onto the sides while we got in!! But the vividest is the time I came running to catch my bus and fell flat on the road and the conductor seeing me stopped the bus and waited till I limped my way into it! The conductor became quite a friend after that!!

Anil P said...

This merely confirms that chivalry is more about learning to recognize that a girl needs help and would not mind taking it, else it could very easily turn into a "pawing" :)