Monday, July 03, 2006


He flies, zooms and rocks! A great movie with awesome special effects! Lois Lane was so-so. Routh as Superman is perfect! I feel a bit disloyal to say this, but he fits the role better than others(incl. the TV ones!). The little kid is cute! Kevin Spacey, needless to say, shines as Lex Luthor. And then our desi dood, Kal Penn as one of his side kicks. And he goes the way that all evil sidekicks go! And while on this topic, check this out. Also, a lil bit of trivia about the forelock of justice.

The trailer for Spidey was intriguing, to say the least! MY


Ashwin said...

You liked it?? I thought batman begins and spiderman were better!!

Munimma said...

They were better in a lot of respects, but then each comparison is subjective. I did like all the 3. By itself, a good entertainer.

kuttichuvaru said...

yeah, I liked Superman too!!

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