Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ghajini aunty

A few years back, I met this lady at a party, her husband works with mine. She asked my name and talked to me for some time. Some time later, at another party, she says, "I don't think I have met you before". I didn't think much of it and re-introduced myself. But this repeated everytime I saw her. And she would always, always, walk up to me and say the same thing, ask my name and details. We were invited to her son's wedding reception, and yes, she asked me again. She apologized that her memory was not all that great. Tell me about it! :-)

The weird thing, the conversation was always the same. Asked my name, who was my husband and about my kids, and then, you don't look old enough to have kids, blah blah blah. A sense of deja vu, without really, in her case.

I later, found out that she had this medical condition that made her forget recent events. She remembers other things, older stuff, but not much in her recent past. I wonder how terrible that would be. Then again, may be not.

I met her again a few weeks back and the routine repeated. Since I was more aware of her condition, I indulged her, but didn't engage in a lengthy conversation this time. What's the point?

At the rate that I am losing my memory, I wonder how long will I take to get to her stage.


Arvind said...

Only that, you did'nt give her a reason, good enough to tatto your info ;)

Me too said...

Oh, so it doesn't just happen in the movies, huh?

kuttichuvaru said...

nxt time give her a polaroid foto with ur details written on it :-)

Uppili said...

I thought you were only 22... It usually happens only around 30, which is another 25 years away... Have no worries... in fact...only others should worry as you may not even realize you have a problem.

WA said...

Scary stuff isn't it, I always wonder Ippove ipdi irukkome vayasaana galathila namma nyabagasakthi ellam epdi irukkumo. Scary. Nice name for the aunty

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

kutty, neeyum un ideavum? Namitha vai paththi yoschu yoschu nee kettu poyittai :p

I am sure when we turn old we will not have any memory only :)Unlike our old aunts who can recall 'who bought vaira thodu', 'who ran off with who' etc

first time here :)

Munimma said...

anusha, welcome. People like me are the ones who keep the world from tilting off balance becoz of those oldies who remember too much ;-)

May be she needs to watch the movie.