Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Summer Silver (Sequel) Screen

Couldn't pass on that alliteration! :-)

This summer promises a spectacular array of movies to watch out for, with Harry P's next adventure on the top of my list followed by Shrek 3 and Pirates. I have already planned a girls' night out to ogle drool over watch Clooney and gang in ocean's 13. There is Fantastic four and die hard coming back. Penguins apparently still make interesting subjects - Surf's up is sure to appeal to kids, although I am not sure if it is a sequel. Then there is the Almighty sequel, Evan Almighty. It is surely a good time for faith based movies.

Browsing through yahoo movies, I came across an interesting one Nancy Drew. Yes the same teenage detective we all idolized. Well, at least I did. I am excited about it, but at the same time, I don't want it to spoil my time warp. If you know what I mean. I cannot imagine a modern, hip/cool, teenage Nancy Drew, as seen in clueless or Princess diaries.

I read somewhere that TinTin was tagged for the near future. That would be good! I think!


Twisted DNA said...

Did you forget Indiana Jones or is it not due until next summer? I can't believe Ford and Willis are thinking of reenacting their old glory. I hope it is not going to be a total disaster!

Munimma said...

According to Greg's Previews, not due until next summer. They will be filming this summer.

rads said...

oo, thats a nice wrapup. Just that I know this summer's not going to be all that fun. :|

regd show - I bought tickets and gave it away last minute, as my head was shattering into a billion pieces. Allergy, sinus and cold all combined :(
I am pretty sure it must have been a good one. Need to check.

Me too said...

You need to post about new DVD releases for my sake!! :(

Tintin-llaam ivangalukku theriyuma?

Munimma said...

me too, my movie outings are quite rare too. but that doesn't stop me from getting excited. I will probably catch a few.

Re Tintin - may be this will help.

Deepa said...

You havent mentioned the other movie. I dont remember the name now, darn. Seinfield is the voice-over for the bee. That seems interesting too.

Munimma said...

I saw the trailer before Shrek-3. Sounded interesting. The name is the very imaginative 'bee movie'.

Munimma said...

BTW, bee movie is not due till nov. So I am ok. :-)