Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Back in action, slo-mo tho

So I am back! Didn't think I would, did you? New place, new home that's not yet home, mom duty have all kept me quite on my tippy toes. Also, I suspect a lil bit of dep., and the cold weather doesn't help.

Was it a deja-vu that happened today? I am not sure. As I tried to park my car for my habitual gym visit this morning, the lady next to me was trying to back out. Without a backward glance. And I was right there. It took me a frantic couple of seconds to force down on the horn to let her know - excuse me, could you hold on just a second while I park and get out of your way? Missed by a hair's breadth. After an hour's toil, I back out of my space, after waiting for a van to pass. I am pretty sure I braked before trying to change from r to d. Next thing I know, I am stopped by the wall behind me and I am left wondering how that happened. I guess it is better to have a small dent in the bumper than one on my head.

It is kind of unnerving because, recently, I almost missed another such. I was waiting for the left turn light, one late evening. I start to turn, when a car comes rushing straight from the opposite side, not giving a flying eff about the traffic signals. It was too dark to see if this was a sleepy head or a drunk or a devil trying to mow me down. Luckily my brakes held solid and worked at the right time. It took me a long time to stop shaking. At the speed that the other moron was going, he (yea, I say he) could have done some serious damage. And he didn't slow down at all.

Now if only if my brakes had worked as well today too, I could have been saved that embarrassing dent in the bumper.


Altoid said...

Sigh, I always have this sinister feeling as I back out of my driveway that somebody in a mad rush is going to side-collide. And hence I annoyingly sit till there are no cars anywhere in sight, AND I still get to brake suddenly when a car comes hurtling around the corner. Sometimes I wish my house was at a cul-de-sac.

Munimma said...

I used to be in a cul-de-sac. There were times when I zipped out of the garage, only to notice the brisk walker at the last minute ;-)

Living around a corner sucks. I was driving downhill once and met a resident versing out of his drive - blind to me. My car braked so hard that it stopped completely. Had to restart the engine.

The Pilgrim said...

I had a trailer driver forgetting to give an indicator before changing lanes or seeing that I am in that lane - before changing his decision in the last moment after a minute of frantic honking

Sunil said...

Looks like that eAzhumalaiyan Punniyum and the credits accumulated by all your visits so far have been used up.

Glad that nothing happened to the wall. Imagine if there had been a dent and the owner suing you for causing physical trauma to the wall. You would have lost driving privileges for 6 months.

(Remember your TODAY'S sin when someone in your house takes to the wheel in a few years).

Glad to see you... I must have checked this page a 100 times.

Alti: check your email.

Munimma said...

I guess I have to chech my credit balance.

Let's not worry about the future until it hits in one's face.