Thursday, April 24, 2008

Build up

After a long time, I am really looking forward to a Kamal movie. They have given it a lot of build up. Here is a peek from youtube.

The movie has passed through the clippers yesterday. People raving about it after seeing the beta version. The audio releases tomorrow.


Altoid said...

Hey Munimma

Finally made it to Harper's Ferry :). Though we've had rains and it was cloudy, it was too tempting to postpone. But I will definitely be going back there many many more times. Posted some pics and thought I'd drop a line for you thanking you for the much needed nudge!

take care

Dubukku said...

Hearty Wishes to you too :)
good to know that you have it on the 13th too (I hope its May)


Munimma said...

Altoid: My good deed for the year ;-) I too hope to visit soon, it has that old world charm.

dubukks: yes, may 13th. Thanks.