Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Scenario common to a lot of Tamil movies -
wife/girlfriend/female lead is wayward. The hero gives a resounding whack on her cheek and hey, look, she is now the "model" Indian woman.

My question is, if the heroine were to do that to the wayward hero, will he reform? Or does it have to be the slow and patient, ever-forbearing way?



b a l a j i said...

in such cases, the heroine leaves the hero....

the hero reforms himself and goes begging behind the heroine :)

Mosilager said...

it's not only tamil movies. malayalam films, almost every one that i have seen has a man slapping a woman "righteously".

If the girl tries to slap the guy he holds her hand before he gets slapped.

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Depends on the director.
Heroine throws Hero out.. (S. J. Suyah)
Heroine poisons Hero (G Siva, T Rajendar)
Heroine has sex change operation (K. Balachander... waiting for it)
Heroine starts having sex with other men/women/dogs... (Mahesh Bhatt)..

People are experimenting.

Yaaro said...

Hahha munimma....Cinema needs twists e set right before two and half hours..

In our movies all the time the team fights to keep a typical 'anytime-eyes wide open-sleep' mode viewer in 'lets see-wots this guy-gonna-do' mode ...Hard task u see...& so the AV extravaganza ..

btw nice girl next door nick u hv.


Anonymous said...

That was once upon a time. These days if a real life hero whacks a girl in the cheek, he will be thrown in the jail under 498A and by the time he comes out, she would be a wife of someone else.

- Uppili

Pipa said...

super question!