Thursday, April 13, 2006

Comeuppance? has this little news blurb today:

Warner Bros. charges Bajaj with copyright violation

Warner Brothers has charged Bajaj Auto Ltd., a motor company located in India, with copyright violations. Jadoo, an Indian television show, has been running ads with a character that bears striking resemblance to our favorite boy wizard. A spokesman for Bajaj had the following to say:

The West feels that anyone in a red bikini is Baywatch and any flying boy is Harry Potter. Our concept of Jadoo is unique and we don't believe it's copied from Harry Potter....We feel the claim is exaggerated.

More here

I have seen this ad on SunTV, and it is very very , I mean very similar. But then these people (WB) need to look at all the movies that are released in the country. It is a way of life, copyright as in right to copy.

...that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet


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Krithiga said...

Heh, yes, I too find it very similar. Even the fonts! LOL @ *Exaggerated claim*

Balaji said...

yeah i've seen that ad too. its amazing that these guys can say with a straight face that its not a copy!

Arvind said...

when, Anu Malik (& hordes of Hindi Music Dir) and Deva down south call themselves music directors...hmmmm....

Prasanna said...

Speaking abt copyrights , i came across a kinda similar subject. Looks like Apple has filed a case against CTS for reducing sales in IPod. Recently CTS celebrated its becoming a billion $ company by giving all its employees a 30 gig Video IPod. Many employees werent so satisfied and seems they sold the IPod. Luks like this had something to do with the sales of IPod coming down. Not sure hw true this news is.