Thursday, April 06, 2006

frustration of the day

You wait to take a left turn, bearing the barely-healed scar(e)s of a '(left) turn accident', waiting to get in between the bevy of cars on a surprisingly-busy-usually-quiet street and you get honked from behind. That definitely warranted a digit signal that I was not rude enough to demonstrate.


Manoj said...

Its a good practice to give signals on the road. he he :)

Me too said...

Yow! Free left, honking yengooruley, poiya!(me as your dubbing artiste! Neenga gesture mattum pannunga! :) )

Mahesh said...

hi,juz visited ur blog while surfing.
On seeing US i thought of gng to next blog but Namma ooru aalunu therinja apparam,i thought of commenting.
Nice blog,and ur interests are different and how much do u know in veena??

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