Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Back to the blo(g/ck)

Some training and some conferencing and now back to the daily grind.

Family vacation - a short trip away from the family - nice, but 10 more pounds to worry about!

Current read - Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie - Good so far!

A new favorite - Moe's

Cars - A must see movie, esp for the pseudo realistic locales!
Over the Hedge - Another good one, some risque dialogs that swishes over the little bitties' heads. Thankfully :-)

Time to watch something more on my level.

PS: 10 pounds is a lot on the way (hopefully) down.


Kumari said...

One month back I made it a point to call everyone in my family n friends' circle to "shout" about the 10 pounds I lost :D A trip to the doc burst the bubble :( Apparently our weighing scale is faulty and am back at square 1 or further up :(

Prasanna said...

10 more pounds is a big worry. And reducing it is a bigger worry.

Uppili said...

Only 10 pounds ? It should be either 11 or 21 pounds..... After all, if you are goin gto lose it, you might as well go on another vacation WITH family this time and reduce all of the 21 pounds at a stretch.....(before the Thanksgiving holidays).

I always knew you were a very nice and a sweet woman with a good heart...:)

Munimma said...

Upps, just because you are ubbili, you can't expect others to match you ;-)