Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Child labor law

So, Indian govt. finally came around to ban child labor. High time, for sure.

What good does it do, though? So those few kids who could manage to feed themselves will be out on the streets, as the concept of foster care or social services is almost non-existent. A well-meant action falls flat if it is not practical.

How many people are going to heed the law? In a nation where monogamy is the law, but widely ignored, where most politicians are corrupt and where red tapes are millions of miles long, how is this going to change the state of things?

I might seem quite cynical, but without providing some means of support to these kids, there is no point in removing whatever self-support they might have.


Uppili said...

Watch for this law to fizzle out for lack of enforcement, rehab plans, and as usual honesty. It will only lead to reduction of salary for the kids as they will have to work illegally - somewhat similar to Illegals in the US.

The Govt. should have started EVENING classes in all the elementary schools with the help of voluntary teachers (college students who otherwise waste their time/money), and force parents to send their kids to these schools. Also, the employers should have been forced to deposit half the money in the children's name for its later use. I know it involves too many details to work out/solve - but, that is the only way to tackle this issue. A 2-prong attack and help from all quarters will be needed.

***sigh*** why am I ruining my mood unnecessarily... (I know whom to blame).

Uppili said...


Already, the corruption has started... See I am right...unfortunately ALWAYS.

Twisted DNA said...

This may be a good first step for better literacy. But you know, we always fail on execution. I think what will happen is, nobody will follow the law. It will be another law which will be used by the labor inspectors to extort bribes :(

Munimma said...

upps - A quote I remembered ;-) - "It is indeed a trial to maintain the virtue of humility when one can't help being right".

Twisted - That is always the problem, a good idea without a sound footing. Right from Nehru/Gandhi days, that has been our shortcoming.

Me too said...

Deebavali nalvazhthukkal!