Thursday, November 16, 2006

really random

The review (rediff) for the new bond movie says it is good. So is it James Bond or James Blond? Or James Bland?

Talking about bland, costco has a new cal style veggie burger out (Dr.Praegger's I think) that is pretty good, unlike the usual suspects. I just add a healthy dose of chaat masala and a healthier dose of red hot chutney or sambal olek to appeal to my taste buds.

SJS and Meera J? Who would have thunk?

George Clooney is back at no.1 acc. to people mag. No surprise there. Just give him a permanent post I say!

Emmitt won. Not really surprised, he seems such a likeable guy! Mario is a great dancer and so was Joey L. Will that erase that saved by the bell scar off his forehead?
I have started hearing carols everywhere. Seems a bit early to me. Is it that time already?

Ants are having a freaking fun season chez moi! Baited breath gets a whole new meaning!

Now when people start talking about sahana and durbar, I actually (sort of) know what they are talking about (an inkling, really). I think.

One more day, by 5 people .. in heaven's author, is one more good read.

For once, I haven't started shopping for the big trip. Yet. Do they still sell those handcuffs or whatchamaycallits for kids? I see it as the only solution.

Next post will be at random.


Balaji said...

'1 more day' sounded good. haven't picked it up yet. read 'collectors' yet?

Munimma said...

I almost picked collectors the other day. Then decided to wait for the library rental.
one more day was especially interesting to me because of the relationship between single mother and child.