Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Caffinity and a question

Not the burning question of the moment. But I got to thinking about my dependence on tea. On to people's dependence/addiction to caffeine. Then wondered how and when it started. Do you remember when you started drinking it? I don't. I remember sitting on my daddy's lap, waiting for the coffee to be "aathufied" so that there was a thick layer of foam on top. Slurping it up so that I had a foamy moustache. I did not want it given little by little, it had to be foamed to the top.

I could not drink anyone else' coffee except my mom's. Peaberry A and Peaberry B with a touch of chicory, well roasted was how she made it. 2 and 1/2 heaped spoons in the filter. First decoction. Not bitter at all. While in college (out of rather, since we cut classes quite a bit then), I tasted woodland's tiffin room's coffee and I loved it. Cafe du monde's coffee made it to the charts too. Until I graduated to flavored coffees at the local bagel store.

A decade ago, I switched my allegiance to tea and have been going strong on that. Especially Trader Joe's chai tea bags, if there is no assam tea handy. Strangely, I have developed an intolerance for coffee. I do like the aroma, and even tolerate it in tiramisu and such. But I am a total tea drinker now. Of late, I have been thinking of may be giving it up. May be. Or Not.

So the question is this.
When did you first start drinking coffee/tea?

(note: this will not kill any cats)


rads said...

Ive always had coffee - the color of milk had to change to a pale brown, only then I'd drink it! :)
Mom's coffeee is sooo yummy, small strong and plain tasty! Miss it.

Tea, I am the only teaperson at home, so I'd make my own from the very beginning. I guess I must've started it sometime when I was 6-7th grade?

You don't check your mails eh? :)

Krish Ashok said...

6th standard. Peaberry with 25% chicory if i remember right. Leo Coffee.

Munimma said...

rads and krish - late bloomers ;-)

rads - you're it.

Altoid said...

Dont remember the exact year of initiation..but do remember the chicory infused filter coffee, mixed with fresh and boiling milk, sugar, aathified in dabara/tumbler and served with a dollop of grim pride by amma, every morning without fail. A ritual in and of itself. And then the same ritual for post-breakfast, afternoons and anytime inbetween.

Now, I hardly have a cup o java in the am, can survive without as well. Not too particular ...could be a breakfast blend, instant coffee.. anything goes.

Ya, surprising, coming from such a
"filter" coffee addicted household, I am a poor bearer of the tradition.

Tea..tried and liked quite a few. Earl Grey, Green, Rooibos. But again, can stay for days without as well.

There.. a rambling comment. Perhaps I need a caffeine fix more than I'd care to admit?

Mosilager said...

I only drink coffee or tea socially. It has some advantages, a little bit in the evening and I can't sleep the whole night.

Blogeswari said...

Was a bournvita baby till school.. Tea addiction started in college.. and continues even now. Kapol masala 1/4 a teaspoon added to tea.. hmmm .. Masala chai! awesome.. I can smell it as I write this :)

Dushti said...

It all started for me with the afternoon tea indulgences at home during weekends right from god knows when ! For some reason coffee was a taboo at my home for kids and not tea and that worked out pretty well for me :-)

Me too said...

The morning coffee and afternoon tea is a mother's side tradition that I'm continuing. Coffee/Tea were not allowed for kids at our home too but my mom let go off it around my 5th Std, I guess.
I should try the Trader Joe's chai now. I love the Celestial Seasonings Indian Chai.

Uppili said...

How do you know it won't kill the cat? Have you tried giving Coffee or tea to a cat ? That too 25% peabery A and B etc. etc.. Better give Starbucks and test the cat.

Munimma said...

mosi: that is an urban legend ;-) I have no problems sleeping after tea.

blogeswari: for some reason, I couldn't handle any choc drinks. I didn't mind eating it though ;-)

dushti: I wonder if tea started in the afternoons for most (SI) people.

Me too: celestial seasonings? Got to try it.

upps: ayyo, "it" meant curiosity. Mine.

Munimma said...

altoid: coffee was the standard drink for everyone. It was/is commonly used to keep hunger at bay too. The ubiquitous welcome drink for Chennai and vicinity.
Tried all the 3 teas you mentioned and don't like any of them. black/orange pekoe any day.

The Visitor said...

Started on coffee fairly early - I remember insisting on coffee instead of milk during maybe 1st or 2nd std. I was in a hostel from 2nd std, where we were given only tea on all days, morning, mid-morning and evening. Started hating the stuff. We used to look forward to the 'bed coffee' (not really in bed) which was served only on sundays.

At home we never used to have filter coffee - it used to be Kannan coffee (Peebri special - that's how I pronounced it) powder boiled with milk and water and filtered through a cloth, and I still liked it - we called it pattikkattu coffee.

After marriage, I switched over to tea in the morning, coffee after lunch and after dinner. (I too dont believe that these stuff keeps one awake).

Current brands - Coffee (Kothas)
Tea - Nonsuch or Lipton green label. I dont believe in adding anything to tea, except for a spot o' milk. Of course the spouse likes sukku, cardamom etc in the tea.

Australopithecus said...

hmm..well now that you mention it..i can't remember when i started drinking tea or coffee. even if there were a few years of my life when i didn't drink tea..I've made sure that i more than make up for it.