Thursday, August 09, 2007

My story

I am a widower. Are you curious? You want to know how my wife died? I don't know if I even qualify to be called so. Now you are more intrigued, I can see. My marriage was a joke. In fact, my life so far has been a joke. Played at my expense.

I was quite popular in college, and I say that without any arrogance or conceit. Naturally, fell in love with a pretty girl in class. We carried on for almost 4 years. We broached the topic of marriage to our respective parents. That is where trouble #1 started. I was (am) brahmin-born. She was a Syrian Christian. My parents prevailed. As did hers. Like in the movies, I was forced into a marriage. To a girl I barely knew. And that was trouble #2. Why, you ask? I had apparently married an emotionally unstable woman. In short, a crazy one. She was certifiable. The family thought she would be ok after marriage. Yeah, right! The wedding night turned into a wedding nightmare. No sooner did they leave us alone, she started her act. When I tried to calm her, she turned her crazy claws on me. The kith and kin helped drag her out, leaving me in tatters, literally.

I told them to take her away and get her institutionalized. They didn't. Are you surprised? I was stuck. Not that I cared. I was kind of relieved to be single again. If not Rosie, then I didn't care. When people asked me if I was married, I was not really sure what to say. So, sometimes I said yes and sometimes no. Depending on where I was. My mom was on a guilt trip. It was her brilliant idea to get me married, wasn't it? I had no sympathy.

Then one day, out of the blue, I heard that my wife fell off the overhead water tank and died instantly. At least, she was freed from her suffering. And I am still in the thick of it.

My mom has started pestering me gently about another marriage. She is even willing to overlook religion, language and/or caste. A few years too late, I say.

Inspired by a couple of things - one, someone I know. Two, this.


Sunil said...

two sad stories in one day (here and at shoefiends).

Too much for me. :-(

Deepa said...

Read this one and went there to read the first part. good one.

I said...

why did his mother wait for first maatuponnu to die before thinking baout son's 2nd marriage?

Munimma said...

rich maatuponnu

Rambodoc said...

Came in from Krish Ashok's blog. Hi. The first post I read here turns out to be a very personal one. I should probably have left without making any noise, but I thought it would only be polite to say I came in, and will do so again, because you write well. Thank you.

Rambodoc said...

Did I make a boo-boo? This was a piece of fiction?
:-) LOL!
Reminds me of that stupid Hindi movie (?Golmaal) where the heroes (led by Ajay Devgan) crash into a house and bet up a guy raping Isha Kopikkar, only to realise it was a rehearsal for a movie. The exit line for the hero was "it's your fault, you acted so well that we thought it was a real rape!"

Munimma said...

rambodoc - welcome, thanks and I will take that as a compliment ;-)

Mayth!! said...

For a moment, I was beginning to think that this was your REAL story!! Very poignant. Both of 'em. I'm sure all of us (tam brahms more so ;)) would be able to relate to this at some level.

Fark said...

Good stuff and good style of writing . Thank heavens I read the tag/category first. was almost misled :-)