Saturday, August 09, 2008

A month? really?

I didn't realize it has been more than a month since I last posted. Been busy, new job, adjustments, etc.
The younger brat starts public school this month. She is so excited. I hope she loves it as much as her other school. I am slightly anxious for her to fit in. Not just the fact that it is a move from a well-cherished montessori to a public one, but because she is a brat of the first order. Why, you ask? There we were waiting to pick up the older one from her camp, and this one gets carried away by curiosity and flicks the fire alarm switch. The building had to be vacated till they ok'ed it.
She can be highly amusing if you were not her parent.

We went to the mall the other day. Just a little one on one time for mom and dot. She looks at the dummy's dress in Pennys and advises me to lose some weight so I can wear such outfits. Do note here that her voice carries to a couple of nearby cities in her normal talking range.

She wants me to go to the hair salon, and make my hair straight like the other time. She doesn't like the curls. Oh, and color it blond.

She wants to be a dance teacher when she grows up. Not like athai or even amma, but like her ballet teacher. Boy, talk about coconuts!


Altoid said...

Wow, she's got quite the "character" already! But then, you know what they say na...acorns dont fall far from the oak tree :P. Its obvious where's she gets it from!

Munimma said...

I think she is more him than me ;-)

Balaji said...

turned on the fire alarm?! ok, i'll admit it. karthik's acts do pale in comparison :)

WA said...

Awwww she sounds gorgeous.

Munimma said...

bb: she has some years over karthik. Wait and watch :-) (sounds like a curse?)

wa: not the adjective people (who know her) normally use

Me too said...

Semma thuru-thuru kid! My older one had been a quite a saadhu type all these years but now we refer to our girls as Jaya and Sasi!!

Munimma said...

older ones are usually saadhu types only, until the younger one teaches them things.