Thursday, August 21, 2008

You mean, there are others?

Most of us are aware that Cheetah girls are doing bollywood tomorrow on Disney at 8pm EST. There was an interview in one of the newspapers and this line got me wondering:
Bailon: We got to see Mumbai, which was an amazing experience. That actually was the first place we ever went to, and it's like the third-noisiest city in the world.

That there are two other cities that rate higher than Mumbai in the noise index. I am assuming she didn't visit any other cities in India. So, what were those two?

The first time I visited India after moving to this country, was to my 'pukkaam' in Calcutta. I couldn't sleep for a few days, partly due to jetlag, but mostly because the street noises and bhajans ran through most of the night. Of course, it took only a few days to get back into the thick of it.

And then, I am reading a book that is partly based in Tijuana, Mexico, and it talks about horns blaring rather than brakes working, cause it is a sign of machoism there. Hmm! I think it goes much beyond that in India.

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