Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Gaayab, choley gaache?

No, I didn't! Been busy with a new job and more activities with kids.

Did my civic duty, which took an hour early in the morning. Longer lines are promising even though it is not the best when there is a meeting scheduled.

While I am here, I need to blow the trumpet a bit. Girl got into the final round of the regional 24 game. Got her mug in the local and all. This is a fun game. We use a deck of cards, pick 4 number cards and work it into an arith expression adding up to 24. You can +, -, X or /. It takes some getting used to and then you start seeing the patterns.

Imran Khan is so cute, looks ages younger, but still. Saw kidnap on sunday. As someone else reviewed, it was mostly a movie for guys, what with minisha lamba doing a mandakini a la ram teri...

Hari puttar was an unashamed copy of home alone and the funny knife scene from kungfu hustle (that is so funny, even when copied). And to think that there was a case against the movie. I think they filed it wrong. If instead of harry potter, the home alone guys had filed the suit, things would have been different. But then, we (as a nation) are experts in this kind of ulta-pulta only.

My younger one is going thru some j pangs as the older one gets some recognition. Big girl won a coloring contest recently (prize was a toysaurus gift card) and then the paper article. So the little one wants her pic in the paper too and dad has promised her one if she also wins a few laurels. Sowing the seeds of ambition. BTW, she wants to be a doctor. Why, because dad says that is where the money is. And she loves that. She is almost 6 and wants us to work more, so that we can make more money so that she can buy more stuff. matlabi! Can you imagine her at 20? Dad has started buying lottery every month or so.


Altoid said...

Munimma :)

Was wondering where you'd disappeared to? I had a tag lined up to goad you into action :P, now that I see some activity, maybe not!

I havent watched Kidnap, but a lot of the female population went ga-ga over Imran Khan from his earlier movie Jaane Tu. I have Fashion lined up to watch soon.

Your younger one is something!

Munimma said...

I refuse to propagate tags. They are evil!

yeah, Jaane tu was chocolatey and this one was dark. But typical bollywood.

You planning anything this weekend? The kids are performinig at the bethesda library on sat afternoon. shoot an email if you can come.

Balaji said...

"Got her mug in the local and all" - that IS cool! pass on a hi-five to her. have a scan handy to send by email? :)

Munimma said...

BB, scan is in the plans. household in a sort of uproar currently. will email.