Monday, December 08, 2008

counting down

A few more days before I visit home. Is it still home if it is a new home? Anyway, more than anticipation, there is this big need for rest. Not the usual heavy week, looking forward to the weekend kind, but something deeper. It will be a huge relief to see the man in my life again. For purely selfish reasons, to have a few hours to myself.

Saturday, a dialog with the tiny giantess -

brat: Mommy, when I grow up, will I get all your pretty stuff?

Me: What pretty stuff?

Brat: All the stuff to make my hair and face pretty.

Me: When you grow up, become a doctor (subliminal, eh?), earn loads of money and get whatever you want.

Brat: does that mean I have to buy everything, and not get anything of yours?

Me: You will probably get some of it. (Just to keep the peace)

I wondered if it was a case of tight fists or a fascination for what is there in front of her that got her going.

Brat: I want to be a doctor like Appa, he has money.

FYI, her view of 'lots of money', is a whole bunch of pennies, which of course the man is loaded with.

Me: Appa's kind of doctor doesn't make lots of money, you have to be the physical one.

Anyway, from there thoughts went to missing appa. She has always fascinated me with the way her mind works. She thinks everything through, which is more than what I can say for myself. That trait seems to have come from her athai.

Her latest topic of conversation is about death, rebirth and God. At this point, I think she has wrung me dry and probably knows more about it than me. For now, I stall her by saying she can ask Appa such questions when she sees him. I can't wait.


Altoid said...

:-). She's sounds so entertaining! Safe travels and wishing for courage and strength to tide through these tough times.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps.. you will see this only when you return...

Brat: I want to be a doctor like Appa, he has money.

Reminds me of the day when I said similar thing about my dad - I was 6.

You want her to become a doctor - a physical one ???? Better be careful. She might do a PhD in Physiology....:P

Recently, I heard another 4 yr old in a very similar conversation asking her mommy's jewelry for herself when she becomes a big girl. Big means when she starts going to school on the Big Yellow bus.

I envy a UKG school teacher... she would hear lots of innocent comments like these.

anyway Happy "maattu" pOngal.


Me too said...

A1 hasn't laid her eyes on any of my things yet but she has become such a rock(the real hard stones!) fan, that she picks them up everywhere & treasures them!!
A couple of years back she stunned me with this question - 'Amma, what do you want to be when you grow-up?"
Bon voyage!