Friday, November 18, 2005

A quote and opinions invited

Was reading Robin Paige's Death in Rotterdean, and came across this quote.

A woman's guess is much more accurate than a man's certainty. (Kipling)

Now, to me, this looks very accurate and logical.

But this was written by a man, so I guess for him, this was a certainty. Or was it?

What do you say? If you are a man, your comment is automatically devalued ;-) (I am not saying that, just an extension of the above statement).

Seriously, something related to a woman's intuition?

new word for the day: chi chi - ostentatiously stylish. Is that why Govinda is called so?


Ginkgo said...

guess always has a range..
certainity doesnt :P

maybe Kippling tripped somewher in between :P

vasanthi said...

When it is a gues-you can say it could be this, or this, or this-2-3 options and one happens to be correct you jump-see my guess was correct. But once you are certain you dont think beyond it and if it happens to be wrong-no choice

Dubukku said...

This is a perfect Catch 22.

If this quote is by a man then it can't be true isn't as per what he says :P
(and probly he thought and knew only men could figure this out and women wud be just elated reading this :P )

Navin said...

Was Kipling married at that time when he said it?...Well since I am a man my comment might be devalued ;-) but Wasn't Kipling a man let me quote something that he said, Is this chauvanistic or is it just me...
"And a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke."...
Well it can be deciphered into whatever you want, but lets just rephrase "One person's guess is much more accurate than another person's certainity"
But again I learnt Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle pretty young thus rephrasing that too...
"No two persons can have the same 4 opinions" :).
Quoting people and just making a conclusion out of it - can lead to drastic results....Lot of people have said a lot of things which will negate what they said earlier. Maybe Kipling is not a good example to quote. :)

Munimma said...

:-) I read it and thought it was an oxymoronic one, bloggable.
In this I agree with you :-), yes indeed, I do, that one person's words cannot be considered gospel.
For that matter, look at Gandhi's life. Someday I will write about that.

Phoenix said...

i second dubukku !
I think Kipling sure was certain about this one !

Also another way of interpreting could be that women can never be certain so only guess...but a man can be certain about thoguhts though maybe inaccurate!