Friday, November 11, 2005


During my yoga sessions, the instructor tells us to imagine our favorite peaceful place during shavasana. For me, it is usually rolling green meadows and clear blue skies, with the sound of the distant ocean beating against the cliffs, similar to Irish landscapes I have seen.

Yesterday, after a long break, I got back on the track, jogging leisurely in the evening sun. May be it is my imagination or it is the effect of this weird weather, the colors are glorious. I see trees of such beautiful colors, ranging from light green to the deepest reds to golden yellows. And the not-so-distant mountains, looking festive in green and red. Fall is no doubt, my favorite season, the colors vivid. How I wish I could capture them on canvas! I didn't take my mp3 player, instead concentrating on nature, and I was grateful for that.

Some of my favorite holiday memories have to do with fall colors. There was this halloween weekend that we took off to Smokey's and as luck would have it, stayed at a B&B (probably Little Greenbrier) right on the edge of the cliff, overlooking (I think) Cades Cove. We visited in the thick of Fall, the colors at their most brilliant. The balcony off our bedroom, overlooked this huge valley, we were right at the edge.

Then there was this small state park near Paducah, Ky (Lake Barkley I think), where we had a room overlooking the waters. It was drizzling and a bit cold, but the colors were magnificient. We even saw a few deers in the woods.

Fall is, to me, the best time for jogging outdoors. Once you warm up, you don't feel the chill and then you forget your exhaustion when your eyes are filled with such vivid landscapes.

I think I am going to add a bit of color to my shavasana imagery, and make those trees really variegated.


Ginkgo said... that u
or this be someone else that I dont know

Munimma said...

hi jinx thambri, long time no see!!!

Ginkgo said...

wutz ur fav peaceful place..

nalla thunnutu kudichuttu rootorama porandu kedakarathu thaane :-)

Good to see ya after a long time..
Can I ask you something...:-D

seri seri...urutu kattai edthundu odi varathe...;-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I Love the fall colors too..though California to me ( atleast where I live) is not too colorful. I am imagine how you feel..! I used to admire the fall colors at Pittsburgh and Columbus..where I once lived.!!

Vanathi said...

good observation...

Rajesh said...

I wish to enjoy the leaves falling from trees on my way to work..

Me too said...

The pessimist I am that the gorgeous colours of 'fall' fall flat before the incoming white!! Post some pictures if you can('somberiya okkandhukittu ensoy panren!).