Thursday, November 17, 2005

Seeing Red, etc

Seen on the road this morn - a pickup truck that has seen better days, flannel shirt, baseball cap, smoke stick in one hand, cell phone in the other, back to back traffic. Oh, and also a steaming cup of coffee balanced on the dash.
No, I didn't notice the color of his neck. I assume.

Note to self: I am not going to run on the treadmill again. Ennui!

Less than a week for the Goblet, reviews are too good!

McConaughey chosen by People. Definitely concur! Right, Aparna? :-D Here is the full list. I can't agree with the full list though. No.2 looks a little peaked, a bit of green on the corners. 3, 4, 11 (o, yeah) are fine with me, rest thumbs down. Well, it is all subjective, isn't it?

Sneha to get married, may be not, may be so. And Meera to marry Prithviraj, this one doesn't seem to die! Back to the rumor mill, is the sunshine pair, wedding bells on the ready. Super son-in-law is thinking along hospitality lines, now that his movies are bombing in a predictable pattern. If you haven't caught a glimpse of Kamal's junior junior, do so, pretty that one. And wants to follow parents, careerwise. Jo looking for a new jaaga, I thought she was co-building one!

oh, no! They think SRK can do an Amitabh in the new Don!

Memento and Bewitched, 2 good movies to watch.

Some interesting blogs rolled in!


Balaji said...

"Less than a week for the Goblet"? its releasing tomorrow!

"Kamal's junior junior" - any links?

seen 'memento' & loved it. u're only seeing it now?! haven't rented 'bewitched'. have 'willy wonka' at home now :)

Munimma said...

I get to see it next week. am relatively speaking :-) btw, first show is tonight if someone's in a hurry. :-D

I will scan that photo sometime. some mag article

supermom doesn't get too many chances to see movies unless they are pg/g and rarely pg13. This one, was a rare free friday night, locked myself in the guest room to watch it. appidi ayiduchu en nilamai. sigh! :-)
so I have to make sure I see only the good ones :-D
do you notice netflix seems to have slowed down much? I used to send and receive within a day or 2, now it is 4 days or so. good things don't seem to last long. waiting for robots to arrive this week.

Balaji said...

have a ticket for the preview show @ 6 tonite. but wife last minute-la no sollitta :) she's @ home taking care of the li'l one the whole day and said she can't manage both kids for another 3 hrs :(

my friend mentioned the slowdown too but hasnt happened for me yet. i send one in, reaches the next day, next 1 ships that day and i get it the next day :)

i saw something on the net one time about netflix slowing down mailings if u rent too many in 1 month. maybe u hit the limit and i havent :)

Munimma said...

Hardly, If I get to watch 3 or 4 movies per month, that is a personal high. I think it is something to do with their profit management. there was a case someone won, because it was not delivered in their advertised one-day thingie. I got a mail about that. Compensation - 1 month upgrade. yaarukku venum. just send them on time. And you are probably an exception anyway. They must have somehow known about the free publicity you give them ;-)

you should send her out and take care of the kids, like a good appa/hubby ;-)

thennavan said...

Noticed that many on the list are what people may say "over the hill" but that is where this country scores. They are not so obsessed with the 20s thing or even younger. With a big population of 20-something and under 20s, we seem to be increasingly giving the short shrift to people over 30. Real sad :-)

Kaps said...

I just rented Bewitched....should be seeing it over the weekend.

Munimma said...

thennavan, truth hurts ;-)

thennavan said...

You mean the truth that those 20 somethings after all do not deserve all that adulation?


Munimma said...

truth of being in the 30+ category ;-)

thennavan said...

They will have to get there eventually, don't they? And does age bestow any special benefits? I don't see any :-)

Munimma said...

They are blind to such facts!

As to special benefits, the older you are, the wiser and more patient you are, may be more cynical too. But these are not realized unless and until experienced. :-) Note, all rules have exceptions :-)

Me too said...

For a minute, I was like McCo.. who? Thanks for the link(The name didn't get registered, you see!!). BTW, was that some kind of a joke??? 1985 list is better!!

Munimma said...

me too: didn't you like him in B&P?
I prefer the ones from 1986-2001 :-) not in that order though.