Monday, March 27, 2006

A bit of this and that

Watched Sandakkozhi yesterday. Though there were shades of Run here, it was a good entertainer. This is the first Vishal movie I watched and he seems to have what it needs. Fights well, dances well, tall and muscular (not overly so), and seems to be ok with acting too. Meera Jasmine is cute and naughty, very few heroines seem to do well with comedy. This one does. Rajkiran seems to be gaining back a bit of importance in recent films, he gets a good role here. Was Lal the villain or a wannabe comedian?

May be I have learnt to pick good movies, but of late, most of the Tamil movies I have watched have been tolerably good.

The bitter half will be talking about all the hard labor of the last few days, when we decided to redo the little one's room. It did come out good, inspite of his complaints of curvy lines. I did what is called color blocking, using purples and pinks to complement Dora stick ons. I love doing up rooms, provided I don't get to do much of the labor ;-)

The older one had her annual party, and for once I decided not to bake the cake. That was a good idea considering all that work and exhaustion from painting. And for once, not much leftovers to clean up.

Watched sun tv's Friday review of kalabha kaathalan. Arya looks good, no doubt about it. But his voice needs some help. Definitely.

If you get a chance to see Bollywood Dreams, do so. They have captured the essence of Bollywood very nicely. And the guys will surely enjoy watching the 2 female leads.


neighbour said...

Jasmine sooper... Kalabakaadhalan paatheengalla different story line..

unknown said...

hey even i loved the character of meera jasmine in sandai kozhi...
matha padam ethuyum nalla irukara mathiri i have pattiyal with me yet to watch

kuttichuvaru said...

heroines doin gud comedy, somehow I feel it has been mostly Malayalam heroines... Oorvasi, Meera Jasmine are examples!!

n abt Arya in Kalaba Kaathalan, rather than his voice, guess its his pathetic dialog delivery tat needs help!!

Arvind said...

any thumbnails of the female leads that would help us in the decision making process :-D :P

no literal use of the word 'thumbnail' accepted ;)

iniyaval said...

reviewer of everything? nice :) hey i am inniya! :)