Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tamil Razzies

Where ever you see, people are giving away movie awards like the candies on I-day. I think we badly need a Tamil equivalent of Razzies. Now, that would have a healthy competition.

Worst actor nomination:
1. SJ Surya (tops my list)
2. Chimpu
3. Dhanush
4. Gabtonne
5. Ravikrishna
6. Sibiraj

Worst actress nomination:
1. Namitha
2. Sonia Agarwal
3. Sa(a)da
4. Ankitha

Worst Movie nomination:
Hard to pick just one here. Suggestions invited.


kuttichuvaru said...

ennanga top 5 worst actor la Simbu peru illa?? i am disappointed....

Munimma said...

sorry correct pannidaren. list perisayinde poguthu.

Villain said...

my list..

1. s j surya
2. simbhu
3. sibhiraj
4. dhanush
5. after aadhi and paramasivan.. ajit and vijay ti on the 5th spot

dont know abt the other 2...

1. Namitha (of course)
2. sada(i)

i havent seen any such performance from anyone else to even nominate them...

1. kalvanin kadhali
2. Ah Ah
3. kovai brothers
4. fill up any simbhu movie...

Villain said...

ya chimpu.. not simbhu.. my bad...

Slice Of Life said...

i agree with u r ratings fully
God i cant stand SJS's face ,hand gestures everything bout him

Balaji said...

this is way easier than picking out the best :)

Munimma said...

Balaji: not really, too many choices :-)

Kaps said...

Somebody has already taken the initiative

Me too said...

Yes, a very tough competition indeed! :)

Even the numerous awards that are given away these days have the same contenders!(the largest film industry in the world has as much Razzies also, I suppose!)