Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ram wins for Jeeva

It is indeed an honor that a newcomer gets an international award. Jeeva won the Best Actor award at the Cyprus International film fest. The movie also won for music (YSR). Read in Tamil here.

The official website has only 2 awards listed, for Jeeva and YSR. Looks like tamilcinema stretched it a bit and gave 2 more to the movie.

That is something really!

Feels good!


Kaps said...


do you work in the semiconductor (cypress) industry by any change? shouldn't it be cyprus :-) ?

Munimma said...

:-)) related one

Me too said...

Who are the other two consolation(!) prize winners(tamil font download pannanumannu...)? Some good samaritan's nallennam after Bharathwaj's polambal on missing out on the national award, I guess!