Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sister sister

Being a single child, I was determined that my girl would have a sibling and she did gain one. There are times when one of us gets tired of the other. The two girls cannot sit next to each other without getting into a tiff within a short while. It usually ends with the younger one running to one of the parents complaining about the big bully. Most times, the truth is otherwise. But she follows the policy of she who yells the loudest gets heard the best. I have heard that dad and aunt had similar incidents.

Yesterday evening, we were waiting for dinner to be ready (cooker cool down) and the older one was going to take her shower. When it is dark, she is scared of going to any floor when no one else is around. We have tried to not indulge her in this and she has learnt her lesson. Her workaround is to drag the little one for company. This is one of the few times they don't fight.

The other times being when the little brat wants something from her big sis. She wanted to sit next to her in the flight. Only so that she could get to watch her favorite shows on the personal tv. Or help her with the computer games that the brat is currently fascinated with.

Life's little pleasures for the mom, surely. Squeezed in between long and frustrating bouts of mediation.


Anonymous said...

Things continue like this till one leaves the house for college. After that, they both get close and parents are often kept of their mutual secrets. After marriage, they become very close and stand by each other - assuming both form families of near-equal status and comfort.

The same cannot be said of brother - sister. INVARIABLY the SIL comes into the equation and the relationship goes cold turkey.

So you can reasonably feel happy that your daughters will stand by each other all their lives. That is of course, unless one becomes a Physical Doctor and the other becomes a Physicist doctor.....:)))


Altoid said...

:). Being that my sister was 8 yrs younger to me, I literally hated her for many many years till I grew up :). She was exactly how you describe the brat, she'd whine and kick and scream at the slightest provocation- of course I was no shrinking violet. But once I turned 20 something, even with the age difference, we're become very close since. We have our differences, but would stand by each other come what may. We could get away with murder and still would back each other up. There are things sisters could get away with saying to each other, that no one else could.

And Upps, what you say is very true. Same cant be said about brother-sister relations. Regardless of how good it is growing up, regardless fo how strong the bonds are, something always changes.

Rest assured, you have a beautiful relationship fostering in your home :).

Munimma said...

Upps - actually my hubby and sil seem to have grown closer now than before and sil and me do like/tolerate each other.

Alty - beautiful rel is in ugly duckling stage now :-) mostly

Funtabulous said...

minimma..i understand your feeling completely....i am an only child and now i have 2 brats a girl and a boy ..yes it does seem that sisters bond better when they grow up....but i have also seen instances where the sister and brother dote on each other...ofcourse if spouses r more understanding and i still feel they will be close if inculcated from childhood or so it is said.......keeping my fingers crossed on that one

ugly duckling huh???? come to that stage yet.tho the days r not far behind