Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tri-color blues

Every Sunday night, there is a dip in the moods thinking about the heavy week ahead. This feeling is heightened especially after a vacation. An India trip is followed by a week of listlessness. A feeling of being in limbo. I noticed that I don't suffer alone in this. Part of it is jetlag, but a lot of it is also because we are trying to fit in with two diverse worlds. While in India, I get this feeling of no longer belonging there, an alien in my native land. Towards the end of the trip, I am actually looking forward to coming back 'home'. The constant noise gets to me, if nothing else. After the return, everything doesn't fall in place right away. Something jars. An eerie silence. What am I doing here so far away from my kith and kin! But there is no returning, at least for me. My world is right here, in between these two. I have this far-off hope of returning someday, but I really cannot. Because, what I want is to return to the home of 20 years ago. Or it could be that I am suffering from a serious case of indigestion after indulging in all that jet airways food.

We have this tradition of carrying a pack of sweets when visiting our near and dear. So when a bunch of them visited, they all brought some and they were all boxes of mysore pak. After a careful analysis, I have decided that Aavin's mysore pak (I thought they only had that sinfully yummy therattipaal that I single-handedly demolished) beats others hands down. Melts in the mouth even after languishing in the fridge for a whole day (the paak, not my mouth). It didn't last past that. Unfortunately, I didn't get to buy more of it. So I have this unfulfilled wish to get/make myself some. I used to make them quite often before the carpal tunnel days and I don't want to buy the rock hard ones.

Now, since I currently have the upper hand in the battle of the binges and bulges, I probably should weather it out, hoping that this craving dies a quiet death.
It is rare to find myself down a few pounds post a vacation, especially one to the land of chaats, dosas, halwa, theratti pal and whatnots. I think if I focus on that, plus the scrubbing and cleaning that would be involved in the post-process, I think I might prevail.

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